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5 thoughts on “Link to the ABOUT page

  1. Laura says:

    You didn’t really mention your views on the doctrine of original sin, unless I missed it. However, if you accept the doctrine of original sin, then surely this would mean the theory of evolution is of consequence because that would mean that in accordance to the monogenistic current model we would have ‘many’ first parents and thus not all descended from adam and eve.

    Also, perhaps you should insert your view on the Bible. Maybe you did and I missed it, but I did not see whether you believe the Bible is infallible, inerrant, restrictively inerrant, inerrant on doctrine only and not historical facts etc. I think most Christians reading your blog will want to know as probably their number one concern how you view the Bible and its level of authority and standing. Just a thought. God Bless.

    • Hey Laura. I intentionally made my About bio relatively brief, and non-holistic. So I will not insert those suggestions into the original. But I will clarify for you here concerning my current (tentative) opinion on both original sin and biblical inerrancy and infallibility. So, here’s what I think.

      Original Sin: Humans are born inherently totally depraved as a result of Adam’s spiritual corruption through sin as the head and representative of the race. They can therefore neither think, will nor do anything savingly good without the saving initiative of divine prevenient grace. However, the descendants of Adam are not born morally guilty because of Adam’s sin. We have an irresistible and inevitable proclivity to evil even as infants. But we are not guilty and condemnable for what Adam did; only for our own sins.

      Bible: All scripture (66 bks compromising the OT and NT) is the divinely-inspired Word of God and is the sole, supreme and sufficient authority for all matters of faith and conduct, such that whatever is not found in them cannot be established as doctrine or practice. Moreover, scripture is both without error (inerrant) and entirely trustworthy (infallible) in whatever it teaches to be true, and especially with respect to God, man, sin, and salvation. (I leave other not-obviously crucial facts up for questioning; if there were an historical mistake in scripture about something of small importance, it wold not perturb me).

      I hope that helps.

      • Laura says:

        I think you blogged on the importance that ‘free will’ has to you personally and how you feel it is important to know that God has given us free choice.

        How would you reconcile that with your claim that humans are “therefore [can] neither think, will nor do anything savingly good without the saving initiative of divine prevenient grace.”

        If humans are so depraved to that extent where God has allowed them to fall into a position where they do not have any good left, then the decision they make for God (which is a good act) is not their personal decision at all to accept Him as Lord and Saviour since they are so depraved and incapable of making a good decision. Therefore its really God forcing them to make that decision which seems to me to eradicate free will.

        Do you also see a problem here? But then again you did say this was tentative. Maybe you are still mulling over the question of how depraved humans became after the fall. The Eastern Orthodox for example believe that humans became depraved but not totally. That their essential core nature remained good although it was severely and radically destroyed with depravity.

      • Hey Laura. I’m happy to address that from an explicitly Arminian perspective. The Arminian view held by Jacobus Arminius and the early Remonstrants is that the human free will is totally lost and destroyed through total depravity. But when God’s word is preached his Spirit is also at work within the hearts of the hearers, softening and enabling them to repent and believe on the message. So God takes all the initiate and carries the good work through from beginning to end, and by his grace RESTORES in us a free will that we might believe in him or not. And he always convicts us to do the right and reject the wrong. The reason many do not believe according to this schema is that they freely resisted God’s grace and hardened their hearts.

        So, the order is: Total Depravity (no free will) -> Prevenient Grace (Free Will restored) -> Choice (believe or not) -> (if believe) salvation, new life, etc.

  2. Laura says:

    *I meant to say ‘polygenistic’ not monogenistic. My understanding is that scientists now reject monogenism as unsound.

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