Everything in Christ

At church, in the sermon, we learned that everything in salvation is “in Christ.” In Christ we are chosen (elected), made alive from spiritual death (regenerated), changed from within (conversion), have a new family status (justified), are progressively transformed (sanctified), and are kept for the end (preserved persevering). I think this is truly wonderful.

All this could be found in Ephesians 1:3-14, where the phrase “in Christ” resounds repeatedly. On reflection, I remembered that, in creation, everything is made by Christ and for Christ (Colossians 1). Now, in salvation, Christ is found once again at the centre of all things.

In Christ, God saved us from our sins, in a divine work that is his from beginning to end. Like a marriage, we have become united to Jesus, and all that we have — our sin and curse — has become his; and all he has — his righteousness, his sonship — has become ours. In Christ, we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. By his Word and Spirit,  God the Father has given us peace with God at our ‘Yes’ to his calling, because of all that his Son for done for us by dying and rising again for us.

Most interestingly, (and I had never noticed this before), that “every spiritual blessing” is in Christ, therefore no spiritual blessing comes from the Buddha, or Muhammed, nor any New Age spiritualism, nor any secular philosophy… Everything is in Christ, our Lord. And it is for the praise of his glory. Wow!

How wonderful it is to be able to call Christ Lord and to be able to share in that grace of adoption that he has freely given us in him!


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