A Thought about Sex

Recently, a local Evangelical church hosted an event with Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries as the guest speaker. It as a great time, but something Prasch said stuck in my mind.

Often what the Devil does is invert God’s good order. This subtle and seemingly small move is actually disastrous.

Here’s an example. Prasch said that whereas God-designed sex uses sex as the means to enjoy the person, satanic sex uses the person as the means to enjoy the sex. Notice the subtle change:by reversing the subject with its original intended object, the person moves from being the object of celebration to the tool for self-gratification. Essentially, that person’s worth is diminished; what really matters is the sexual rush and not the person.

Behold, then, the brilliance of God’s thinking: God created the most intimate physical expression to celebrate the person. This places a higher value on both the person and the act.


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