Parable of the Rebellious Prince

knights83437429043542There was once a prince of a kingdom who lived and served in the courts of his father, the good king.

But the prince became rebellious and waged war against the good king. Yet he failed and was captured, bound, and was cast into the royal prison. Furthermore, he was sentenced by law to death in 80 days.

There, the prince’s hatred for the good king darkened. His bitterness intensified, and he grew feverish from the poor conditions inside the cold, dank prison outside the courts of the good king. He even began to plot further plans in his mind against the good king.

Yet ever since the first day of his imprisonment, the good king saw his son suffering in chains and had compassion on him. Even though he had been rebellious, the father desired the release of his son.

So the father signed a decree that if the rebellious prince should recognise the wrongness of his rebellion and pledge himself to serve the kingdom once more, he would be released, and reinstated in his royal dignity with full honours and privileges of inheritance as a son.

Every day the good king sent his servants and messengers  to the prince in the dungeon. But each day for 79 days the prince, in his pride, refused to confess his fault.

Finally came the 80th day. Even as the executioner sharpened his axe, the father himself came to his son one last time, to plead with him to repent.

“My son,” said the good king, “You know how I ruled most justly, and how my law prospered all people everywhere. Yet you rebelled against me and attempted to establish your own law to this day — a new law, to rival my own and to usurp my rightful rule. You attempted to establish your own rule by force, but it has only led to your own ruin, and you have been suffering and bound this very day. Will you not confess your fault and pledge yourself to me once again?”

The son inclined his ear to his father, and began to speak.

* * *

The choice is now yours:

Option A: The son accepts the father’s offer.

Option B: The son refuses the father’s offer.


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