Walk in the Light of the Lord!

I have been at both ends of the spectrum.

I have wallowed in the darkness of sin.

I have walked in the light of the Lord.

These are so distinct. They feel different. They end up different. They are different. Let me then say simply a few things about them in contrast.

First, the darkness of sin offers an easy, immediate release. Whatever the situation — be it pornographic lust, a fit of anger, or taking vengeance on another person — just sinning is an easy (and cowardly) way out. The light of the Lord, on the other hand, requires boldness, patience and perseverance, and is often difficult, and not-obviously immediately satisfying in all cases. But it is ultimately the most satisfying of all.

Second, the darkness of sin strips you of joy and peace as it destroys you. Its sweetness may last for a season. But the person who indulges in sin always disintegrate. The light of the Lord, however, slowly builds you up, giving you what you really need, and forming you in upstanding character, and grants enduring happiness to the believer.

Third and last, the darkness of sin kills. But the light of the Lord brings life. God is Love; God is Life; God is Light — and in Him there is no darkness at all. God’s agenda for us is a life-agenda. The Devil is a murderer. He brings only death. If we follow the Lord we will live. If we follow the Satan, we will die. It’s that simple. So let us walk in the light of the Lord, and live.

May the grace of God’s light that is brought to us by the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ so illuminate our hearts that we may follow Him wholeheartedly and with boldness on this slow and oftentimes difficult journey with the zeal of the holy fire burning within us, toward maturity, making as pure and acceptable burnt sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord! 


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