We Need to More Actively Encourage our Ministry Staff Teams

So I’m under conviction about how I support my ministry staff team at my local church(es).

It seems to me that ministers do so much work for their flocks. They are constantly and every day in intercession for us and they undertake the heavy burden of administration of several families, with people of all ages.

Ministers are also bombarded with problems left, right and centre. From constant issues like theological disagreement among church membership and the judgement that may follow any given sermon; from petty yet troubling things such as a family leaving church because they don’t like the lighting or music to more serious and intense things like mediating a wedding divorce.

Christian church ministers have a heavy burden, and I would hope that we common church folk would take the time to encourage them especially:

– Keep them in prayer; see what specific prayer points they have.
– Ask them about how they’re going.
– Offer them to help out if they need any help with anything.
– Lend a helping hand in activities in the church.
– Bless them with a word of love and encouragement after every second or third sermon; focus on the positives, and perhaps keep ‘negative’ feedback constructively critical.
– Get them to tell you about their testimony!
– Take them out to coffee or lunch and just be friends; talk to them about and do non-church specific things; e.g. hobbies.

In short, minister to their needs — love on them as your leaders, and model Christ to them. I can’t imagine what a pressure and a burden ministers must have.

This is not to say all these things. I most certainly do not. I need to more and more. But I’m under the impression that this would be very valuable if everyone had it consciously on their minds.

Our ministers invest all their time and effort into us. So let us reciprocate the love and invest in them also. For if you invest in your minister who in turn is given the opportunity to be encouraged and to do his best and invest in his whole congregation in a better way by virtue of your encouragement, surely, you are really investing in your whole congregation!

‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’
(Matthew 25:40.)


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