Prayer Journal Devotional Idea

I’ve been listening to Leonard Ravenhill for some time now and his exhortation to pray has convicted me about my inconsistent and irregular prayer life. So I have started a journal. Each day I add an entry that is short and sweet. This helps me to focus my thoughts in on one particular thing I feel I should pray for that day.

So far I have written entries about:
– keeping a consistent prayer-life;
– thanks for a couple of good Christian brothers;
– fear for a friend who has fallen (or is close to falling) from the faith; and
– purification from foul speech and being quick-to-judge.

I find this to be a really helpful way to focus prayer and to be mindful of the need for God’s help everyday.

So I’d encourage you to pick up a blank book from the shop and try starting a daily prayer journal. It may help you like it is helping me.

* * *

a page from my prayer journal

a page from my prayer journal



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