All I wanna do…

“I found myself in you, Jesus;
And I found myself in you, O Lord.
So take me to a place,
Where I can see you face to face.
‘Cause all I wanna do, all I wanna do,
Is worship you.”

Hallelujah and Amen. You know, I love the Lord Jesus. He took me out of sin and darkness and placed me into the Kingdom of Light to know and love his own God and Father, the LORD, the God of all Creation, as my own God and Father. Furthermore, He has filled me with his Holy Spirit to be the Counsellor, who daily abides in me, intercedes with great striving and profound groaning that words cannot express.

For my God is a mighty flame, a solid fortress; a very sound foundation in times of trouble: I shall not be shaken. When He comes to judge both the heavens and the earth, the living and the dead, his Name will be vindicated, his people will be avenged, and justice will be met out on all who have not obeyed the Son, who is the Lord Jesus.

My God, the LORD, rules above all. He stands high and lifted up, and lofty, worshipped as holy by the angelic armies. My God is a great king. He rules the nations forever and ever. He does as he pleases, dispensing judgement on the earth. But he also delights in mercy, and eagerly works his mercies over all creation. My God is above all, and I will boast in Him; yes, I will sing praise unto Him: I will both fear Him and delight in Him, and I will forever tell of His wonders.

At my going out and my coming in; my rising and my sleeping, the LORD alone will sustain my life. He will go before me, and rise behind me: He will be the vanguard and the rear guard. And so I will be confident in Him, and I will trust in Him, and I will glorify Him, and marvel at Him.

For I know all the earth will see Him, and all the nations will mourn on account of Him. And this is the one thing I ask of Him on that great and final day: that I may see Him as He is, and dwell with Him forever and ever.

Written with tears. To the tune of Hillsong’s “Found.”


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