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Hello and welcome to this Christian blog!

I became a Christian in 2004 at age 11 after reading the Bible for the first time and just trusting in Jesus. As my teen years went on, I learned more about what that meant in sharing my faith with others, giving reasons for what I believe, meeting with Christians in church, and finally being baptised in 2010. Following that I went to university where I have been active in these things more than ever!

I would describe myself as ostentatious yet reflective.

I’m an Evangelical who holds to the defining Reformation principles; I’m an avid reader of Evangelical scholars such as William Lane Craig and Ravi Zacharias, and I enjoy listening to sermons by preachers such as Leonard Ravenhill and David Pawson. I also think N. T. Wright is cool, and I enjoy old writers like John Wesley. I attend an Evangelical Anglican Church but have Holiness and Pentecostal influences. I am a Eucharistic Memorialist and more likely than not a Believer’s Baptist but am open to Infant Baptism. I’m an Old Earth Creationist but open to Theistic Evolution. I am also an enthusiastic evangelist and therefore I think Christian apologetics is very important.

So there’s a bit about me. I’m sure there’s more. But that gives you a taste. ;P

-Mt. 8:22.

The Why/What of This Blog. You may notice that this blog sees a mixture of short devotional thoughts, prayers, videos, and longer essay-like posts. That is simply to show that this blog is devoted to my thoughts, and about thinking through what interests me. No one should assume from what I say that it is my final opinion on anything. Sentiments expressed reflect my thoughts and ponderings at the time they are expressed, however passionate. The blog therefore functions more like an online thought journal, rather than the weighty and absolute opinions of a pontificate. God bless.


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