Free Will is Important

I think whether or not we have Free Will is important.

In short, I believe Free Will is important because I think God is important. I think how God created myself and my world is important. I think how we feel about ourselves is important. If we feel as if we are free, is it a genuine feeling, or has God designed a mass-delusion for his creatures? Is such a God truly trustworthy? On that note, is my love for and trust in God freely chosen by me, or is it forced upon me in an irresistible manner?

I find these things important. Do you find them important? I find definitions important. I find implications important. I find relationships important. All these are important. And I don’t feel like we honour God or each other by speaking in equivocal ways or being afraid to speak our minds on the topic for fear of running into problems with people of a differing opinion.

I think I have learned from my (three and  half years of) undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney that freedom of intellectual expression achieves a degree of richness  than can be enjoyed only in difference. Only when disagreeing with someone in an appropriate and respectful way can one express oneself openly and freely, and feel the most alive.

So on the topic of Free Will, why are so many Reformed Evangelical Christians, both Calvinist and Arminian alike, so wary to talk about it? Maybe not all of them are. But my experience dictates that it is common for Christians to be apprehensive about such doctrinal topics. I somewhat sympathise with that. But I think Free Will is so important that it should not be passed up lightly.

To reiterate: Free Will is important because God is important. It should be important to us how God created and designed the world and interacts with the world. It should be important to us how God interacts with us, his creatures. How we feel about ourselves as creatures having Free Will  — that we are free, in control of and responsible for our own course of action —  is not a consideration to be taken lightly. It is an important question about our nature as human beings that needs to be grappled with care.

Free Will is important because God is important.