Some passages on the Trinity and the Incarnation

I thought it might be helpful to think through a couple of passages that teach how Jesus Christ pre-existed before he came into the earth, and that he came from Heaven where he lived with the Father to be among us. I will cite passages in bold and you should look it up on your Bible and then read on.

First turn to John 1:1-18. In this passage we see this thing called “the Word” with both existed “in the beginning that was both “with” and “was” God. Put another way, this thing, from the creation of the world, was somehow both “with” the Father (“with God”) and “was” of the same stuff as the Father, i.e., the Word shared in the Father’s deity (“was God”). So this thing, the Word, was with God and is also divine just like God is. Verse 14 then teaches that this thing, “the Word” was “made flesh” (was made “incarnate”, literally, “enfleshed” form the Latin: carnem = flesh; compare the English word “carnal” or being “fleshly”/”worldly”) and pitched a tent/dwelling among mankind in Israel, as it says in verse 14; and in that same verse, this “Word” is identified as “the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

There are other reasons to think that “the Word” figure is a personal agent. Two passages spring to mind. Genesis 15:1 depicts a figure called “the Word of the LORD” appearing to Abraham in a vision and referring to himself in the first person pronoun (“I”). And in Revelation 19:13, the Heavenly Rider (who is Jesus Christ) is explicitly named “the Word of God.”

Secondly, Philippians 2:6-11 is an ancient creed (or statement of belief) from the early church. In it, in verse 6, we are told that Jesus Christ is “in very nature God”, that is, is truly divine, who is also “equal” with God. Verse 7 then describes how this person did something to themselves, namely, “made himself nothing” and took on a “human likeness.” In other words, this is an act that the subject of the sentence (Jesus Christ) did to himself; Jesus Christ made himself nothing and entered into human form. And that is what we call the incarnation: God the Son entering into our world into a human body and nature and becoming one with our race so as to be made the bringer of our salvation through the sacrifice of himself (compare Hebrews 2:14-18).

Third, I would point you to a couple of simple statements in John from Jesus that indicate that he believed he had come from heaven and was returning there. In John 6:38 Jesus says he has “come down from Heaven” (compare the crowd’s reaction in verses 41-42). Then, later on, in John 6:62, Jesus speaks of his “ascension” (going up) to where we “was before” clearly indicating a prior existence in Heaven before coming to earth, so as to make it possible not merely to “go” there but to “go back” or “return” there via “ascending” upward towards it. Last,  in John 17:5, at the beginning of his great and final prayer before crucifixion, Jesus speaks of having had “glory with” the Father “before the world began.” Jesus existed with the Father in the unity o the Holy Spirit prior to the creation of all things, and Jesus asks to return to that state, which he does after his resurrection from the dead. This is in perfect tandem with later on in John 17:24, when Jesus mentions how he was “loved” by the Father before the world began. Of course, you can only love a person. And Jesus was loved by the Father before the world began. Why? Because Jesus existed with the Father in the unity of the eternal godhead — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — which Christians call “the Trinity”: one God in three persons; not three gods, not one person in thee different ways: but one God who is a great unity of three.

Hopefully, these passages are interesting to you and help you think through who Jesus is, according to the Scriptures. Hey, you might also like to check out this neat video.* It gets to the heart of the Christian faith, in how the Trinity and the incarnation illustrate most supremely the great love of God in the Word of God’s entering into our world into human flesh to dwell among us.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit be with you and dwell in your hear through the Son, who entered into our world, and gave himself up for our sins, and conquered sin and death on our behalf so that we might not die the death we deserve, and that we, in him, may too share in the newness of life.


All I wanna do…

“I found myself in you, Jesus;
And I found myself in you, O Lord.
So take me to a place,
Where I can see you face to face.
‘Cause all I wanna do, all I wanna do,
Is worship you.”

Hallelujah and Amen. You know, I love the Lord Jesus. He took me out of sin and darkness and placed me into the Kingdom of Light to know and love his own God and Father, the LORD, the God of all Creation, as my own God and Father. Furthermore, He has filled me with his Holy Spirit to be the Counsellor, who daily abides in me, intercedes with great striving and profound groaning that words cannot express.

For my God is a mighty flame, a solid fortress; a very sound foundation in times of trouble: I shall not be shaken. When He comes to judge both the heavens and the earth, the living and the dead, his Name will be vindicated, his people will be avenged, and justice will be met out on all who have not obeyed the Son, who is the Lord Jesus.

My God, the LORD, rules above all. He stands high and lifted up, and lofty, worshipped as holy by the angelic armies. My God is a great king. He rules the nations forever and ever. He does as he pleases, dispensing judgement on the earth. But he also delights in mercy, and eagerly works his mercies over all creation. My God is above all, and I will boast in Him; yes, I will sing praise unto Him: I will both fear Him and delight in Him, and I will forever tell of His wonders.

At my going out and my coming in; my rising and my sleeping, the LORD alone will sustain my life. He will go before me, and rise behind me: He will be the vanguard and the rear guard. And so I will be confident in Him, and I will trust in Him, and I will glorify Him, and marvel at Him.

For I know all the earth will see Him, and all the nations will mourn on account of Him. And this is the one thing I ask of Him on that great and final day: that I may see Him as He is, and dwell with Him forever and ever.

Written with tears. To the tune of Hillsong’s “Found.”