Christ is a Bulwark in the Storm

Here’s a little poem I wrote a few days ago. I think it goes well with the tune of When I Behold the Wondrous Cross. I was feeling down at the time and then I remembered that Christ is my firm foundation through the war of life. Hope it blesses you. God bless.

Christ is a bulwark in the storm,
A buttress ‘gainst the Devil’s snare;
A fortress in the raging winds,
To fend against the Prince of Air.

And all who in His royal halls,
Take up their stand amidst the fight;
Shall not in Him e’er suffer want,
Nor fail to outlast the night.

So in the hold the saints stand strong,
Armed armoured in the Father’s care;
For in the stronghold sounds the horn,
Of vict’ry everlasting there.

And when the battle is complete,
With Enemy and ilk undone;
Then shall banner of our praise,
Rise high to hail the Holy One.

So trust in Him with all your heart:
Lean on your understanding not!
For Christ the Lord by His own blood,
Has thus for us salvation wrought.